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Welcome to Waverly

Goodbye Waverly!

S1/EP4 | Aired:
October 25, 2018
Mayor Craig gives Aswar a country makeover. Doug gives Lamar a lesson in country chicken chasing. And to redeem herself for her drunken debacle, Melissa rallies her fellow incomers to throw a pop-up bar and restaurant for the entire town of Waverly. (43:24)
Welcome to Waverly

Prayer and Prejudice

S1/EP3 | Aired:
October 24, 2018
Zach tries to turn the other cheek after he allegedly gets shunned at church. On the farm, Andrew and Ann Marie do the unthinkable to a herd of bulls. Later, Melissa proves that vodka and politics are a horrible combination. (43:24)
Welcome to Waverly


S1/EP2 | Aired:
October 23, 2018
On their first days on the job, Melissa faces her worst fears as a vegetarian and Andrew experiences the dirty side of real estate on a farm. At a dinner party, Aswar blindsides Mayor Craig with a surprising proposal. (00:00)
Welcome to Waverly

Welcome to Kansas

S1/EP1 | Aired:
October 22, 2018
A diverse group of people from America's biggest cities move to a tiny town in rural Kansas to live and work alongside locals. When real issues come up, the cultural gap is exposed, taking the awkwardness to a new level. (43:24)

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Was Zach Ignored at Church?
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Welcome to Waverly

Was Zach Ignored at Church?

S1/EP3: Zachary Morad opens up about his uncomfortable experience at a church in Waverly.